Dominic Grieve: If It's Only Way To Stop No-Deal Brexit, I'll Bring Down My Government

17 August 2019, 17:10

Dominic Grieve told LBC that he will bring down Boris Johnson's government if it's the only way to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The Tory 'rebel' insisted he didn't want Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, but considered the worst possible option a no-deal Brexit that led to the Labour leader taking over anyway.

Explaining to Mr Corbyn why he won't back him to be the caretaker PM, Mr Grieve told Matt Frei: "He says he wishes to stop a no-deal Brexit. I'm wholly in support of that. We can talk to each other how we can co-ordinate and co-operate in order to achieve that.

"He's also said that he thinks the answer is to set up an interim administration led by him in order to get an extension to Article 50 and hold a General Election. It's not workable."

Mr Grieve said a caretaker PM would need to be someone who is coming to the end of their political career who would have no intention of sticking around longer than necessary - but wouldn't be drawn on whether he would back senior figures like Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman.

Matt Frei grilled Dominic Grieve about his plan to stop no-deal Brexit
Matt Frei grilled Dominic Grieve about his plan to stop no-deal Brexit. Picture: LBC

Matt pressed him on how far he would go to stop a no-deal Brexit and the Conservative MP admitted he was even willing to bring down his own government.

He revealed: "I will try to find alternative ways of resolving this which don't involve bringing down my own government.

"But if I cannot do so and I come to the conclusion it is the only way in which a hard Brexit can be avoided, I will have to do that."