Frank Field Tells LBC Why He Will Stand Against Labour MP In Birkenhead

3 August 2019, 11:28 | Updated: 3 August 2019, 12:33

MP Frank Field tells LBC why he's standing against his former party in the next election for the Social Justice Party.

The MP for Birkenhead quit the Labour Party over its handling of the anti-Semitism row, but told Matt Frei that there was an issue of bullying within the people who run the local Labour Party.

"I should think there were 25 major incidents of bullying over which nothing happened, and I said if they continue to do nothing against the bullies I would resign the whip," he said.

"My prize for resigning the whip, I was thrown out the party after 60 years.

"I certainly was objecting to the anti-Semitism which I now think has affected Labour's DNA and while I'm standing as the Social Justice Party MP, it's a continuation of the values I've held and that once Labour put to the very forefront before the present wave of discontent within the party."

Frank Field
Frank Field. Picture: Getty

Mr Field, who has been the MP for Birkenhead for 40 years, announced yesterday he will be defending his seat for a new party.

Speaking outside Birkenhead Town Hall, he said it was "ultimately a sovereign decision for the people of the town to decide who they wish to represent them in the House of Commons.

"I will be standing again as a candidate at the next election with the aim of doing what I have done for 40 years - always putting the interests of our town and our country first while championing the views and interests of the underdogs in our society."

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