Mark Francois Says Tory Members Sent Two Ballots Wont Affect Leadership Contest

6 July 2019, 11:21 | Updated: 6 July 2019, 11:28

The Conservative MP and Boris Johnson support tells LBC a glitch at the party headquarters resulted in a few members receiving more than one ballot in the vote to replace Theresa May as leader.

Some Conservative members were sent two ballot papers to vote for the next party leader, and Prime Minister, with some suggestions that more than a thousand voters could be affected.

Ballot papers were dispatched to around 160,000 party members around the country, who are deciding between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson to replace Theresa May.

But the party has warned members that they will be expelled if found to have voted twice.

Conservative MP and backer of Mr Johnson, Mark Francois, told Matt Frei the problem was the result of a "technical glitch" and only affecting a small number of members.

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson
Conservative leadership candidates Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

Responding to remarks made by former party leader John Major about not voting for a candidate who misled the country, Mr Francois said he can "vote for whoever he wants".

"He's got one vote in 160,000 the same as I do," Mr Francois said.

Matt said: "And some of them have got two papers".

Mr Francois said: "There appears to have been a bit of a technical glitch at CCHQ, but my understanding is that it affects relatively few individuals who may be a member of more than one association.

"It certainly isn't going to be enough to affect the overall results".

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