This Deal Is A Trap Which Handcuffs The UK, Says Brexit Party MEP

19 October 2019, 11:44

Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice said that he was deeply concerned that Boris Johnson's deal has many "flaws, traps and pitfalls".

"People might be tempted to have a bit of short-term pleasure of getting Brexit done but we believe that would lead to deep regret" later down the line.

Tice said it will become clear that "getting a free trade agreement under the terms of this political declaration and this withdrawal treaty" would mean "we wouldn't be able to make the progress we want and we would be essentially trapped by numerous different elements within the political declaration."

The MEP said we wouldn't truly be taking back control because we wouldn't have autonomy over tax, our environmental policy, our foreign policy, over defence.

"We would be handcuffed," said Tice.

LBC presenter Matt Frei pointed out there is "a split within your ranks" as Aaron Banks, great backer of the Brexit campaign, was saying the deal should go through whereas Nigel Farage wants it rejected.

Tice: Boris Johnson&squot;s deal is a "trap"
Tice: Boris Johnson's deal is a "trap". Picture: PA

Tice said everyone has different views but as a party, their view is "there's no way this government would leave without a deal despite what they're saying today in the House of Commons. We just don't see any way they would leave without a deal at the end of 2020.

Let's remember the transition period, in order to give notice to extend it, you have to give that notice by July next year. That's just a mere matter of seven or eight months away. There is no way they'll make sufficient progress on a free trade deal.

They'll have to ask for an extension and this will go on and on. Our position has been: this is a trap, beware of the pitfalls, we can see what is coming down the track.

He said that the EU would not agree a trade deal, "unless we cave in on the items I've just mentioned in the political declaration.

That's the pitfall and that's the trap it it looks like MPs will fall into."

Tice then pointed out that partial trade deals can be done in a matter of months, using Australia and the USA as an example.