Natasha Devon shuts down caller who claims there's 'no racism in this country'

11 July 2021, 12:45

Natasha Devon shuts down caller who says 'no racism in this country'

By Tim Dodd

This is the moment Natasha Devon shut down a caller who believes 'there's no racism in this country'.

It comes amid calls for 'unity' as many England players 'take the knee' at Euro 2020 in protest against racism, following the murder of Black American George Floyd last year. 

Mick from Deptford began by saying:

"You talk about racism - there's no racism in this country. You want to see racism, go to America. You go 30 miles on Miami Beach, and you'll see proper racism and proper poverty.

"We haven't got racism in this country, we never had racism until the late 70s when people jumped on bandwagons."

Natasha then shut down Mick with facts: 

"Mick, may I ask, if there's no racism in this country how do you explain the fact that black men are ten times more likely to be stopped and searched, black women are fives times more likely to die in childbirth, that black and middle eastern people have to send 90% more CVs to be called in for an interview, that black and other ethnic minorities are overrepresented in prisons."

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Mick replied: "Things take years to change, look at things like the Women's movement, Pankhurst and that. All of a sudden it snowballs, it's going to be with us forever!" 

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"It's not 'all of a sudden it snowballs'," replied Natasha.

"There have been subsequent campaigners since the suffragettes that have worked very hard to make incremental changes which have led to the feminist movement. 

"There are so many waves of feminism, we're on our fourth wave of feminism now, and that's made up of hundreds of women and our allies all pushing for equality.

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"Change doesn't just happen naturally, you don't just evolve towards progression, that's not how life works.

"He's hung up on me!"

Natasha concluded: "I didn't ask what colour Mick was, but Marcus Rashford is a young black man, Raheem Sterling is a young black man, they're taking the knee before football matches to try and tell us something about the way that they perceive our country, and I will defer to their view of what the country looks like, their experience of what it means to be a young black man in Britain, before Micks - I suspect."