Brexit Ferries: Nick Abbot Labels This Call One Of The Most Interesting And Alarming Ever

5 January 2019, 09:20

Nick Abbot said this call was one of the most interesting and alarming he has ever received after an LBC listener revealed the reality of the Brexit ferry company.

A firm that has been awarded a government contract to provide extra ferry services has become the centre of criticism after it was revealed it has no ships.

Seaborne Freight, won a £13.8m contract to run a freight service between Ramsgate and Ostend in the event of a no-deal Brexit, despite having no boats and having not run a ferry service before.

But a caller to Nick Abbot said that the concern Seaborne Freight had no ships was the wrong thing to worry about.

Terry told the LBC presenter that "it's a very normal thing for a logistics company not to control the assets that they're using so a ferry company without any ferries is fairly common around the world.

"I think the bigger story that everyone's missing is this is a drop in the ocean for what is absolutely needed.

"That ferry company is a little bit like taking a band-aid after you've had your leg chopped off."

Dover ferry port
Dover ferry port. Picture: Getty

In a separate gaffe, Seaborne Freight made headlines as it had used website terms and conditions intended for a takeaway shop.

The original terms and conditions advised customers to check goods before "agreeing to pay for any meal/order" and that the delivery address is "detailed enough for the delivery driver to locate".

Listen to Terry's call in full above.