Alastair Campbell: Labour Needs To Adopt Stronger Anti-Brexit Position

14 January 2018, 11:14 | Updated: 14 January 2018, 18:17

The former Labour director of communications says the party needs to "move to a stronger anti-Brexit posture".

Alastair Campbell joined Nigel Farage in the studio for a full hour.

He said: "What the Labour Party has to do is understand why people voted Leave and address those concerns by explaining these will not be addressed by Brexit."

Alastair Campbell believes there will be a “fresh referendum” and/or a general election but said that he now believed “Brexit will happen and it will be a disaster”.

He said he hated the term “second referendum”.

He added: "We’ve had a Referendum and we lost and you won, I accept that” but he said the public was becoming more anxious about the issue.

Tony Blair's former spin doctor told Nigel it will be a “catastrophe” for Britain and that the public was now becoming anxious as they "realise that the deal they will get will not match up to their expectations on what they thought they were going to get”.

Alastair, who said he would “keep fighting” also took listener questions during his time in the studio.

One challenged him and said “let us leave”.

Nigel Farage quipped that he was “having an almost civilised conversation with Alastair Campbell”.

You can watch the programme in full here:

The Nigel Farage Show: Sunday 14 January