"Are You Deluded?" Nigel Farage's Furious Row With Caller Over No-Deal

19 August 2019, 07:52

Nigel Farage was involved in a furious row with a passionate caller over the idea of a government of national unity in order to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Following the leak of the Operation Yellowhammer report into the effects of a no-deal Brexit, Nigel was asking whether people really believed what it said - that up to half of trade through Dover could disappear if we leave without an agreement.

Claire called in from Edgware to insist that Jeremy Corbyn deserves the right to lead a government if Boris Johnson loses a vote of no confidence.

And things got very testy when they discussed what might happen if we leave without a deal.

Asked about the leaked report, Claire said: "If that is what the report is projecting, then you should respect it."

Nigel responded: "It's comical! It's ridiculous."

Nigel Farage had a blazing row with caller Claire
Nigel Farage had a blazing row with caller Claire. Picture: LBC

But Claire told him: "You have this habit Nigel of dismissing anything anything that doesn't concur with your viewpoint.

"It's only comical because you don't agree with it. Why don't you just try for once to be a bit more equitable in your approach?"

The Brexit Party leader insisted: "In 20 years of business, I have shipped goods in and out of the European Union and in and out of countries with whom we have no trade agreement whatsoever."

Claire interrupted to argue how damaging a no-deal Brexit would be, shouting: "Are you serious? Are you deluded?"

But Nigel said: "I asked you a question whether you thought it was possible that our outflow and inflow of goods could fall by 50%. It's impossible."

The full call was a firecracker - watch it at the top of the page.