Nigel Farage Asks The EU: Please Can You Make An Irish Exception?

3 December 2017, 14:13

The Good Friday Agreement is exceptional and requires the EU treat it as such, Nigel Farage says.

Nigel Farage thinks the problem created by Brexit on the Irish border needs to receive exceptional treatment.

"Can I offer you a solution that I think nobody has talked about before?" Nigel asked.

He argued that regardless of trade discussions with the rest of the European Union, the EU had to recognise the "politically sensitive" nature of the situation and make an exception for the "relatively small but very important" country of Ireland.

Nigel Farage said: "The British government says this. Whatever you do with us as a European Union in the coming weeks and months, we as the United Kingdom unconditionally want to continue with free trade and free access with Ireland.

"Not just for the ease of business between us and Ireland and vice versa, but also so that Ireland can tranship by lorry their goods through the UK to the continent.

"This is apolitically sensitive situation, and we're going to ask the World Trade Organisation to act as a broker for this and can, please, the EU, if they're serious about the peace agreement and the frictionless border, make an exception for the relatively small, but very important, country of Ireland.

"How would that go down?"

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