Behind the scenes: Nigel Farage opens up about his Brexit journey

31 January 2020, 21:11

LBC went behind the scenes with Nigel Farage on the way to Parliament Square for the Brexit celebrations - he talked about what he's going to say in the biggest speech of his career.

"I've got one big message really, and I want to get that one right and it is that if you think about this, this is a grassroots victory against an establishment that never even wanted to give us a referendum let alone implement Brexit," Nigel said.

"There is a sense we're now marking a really historic occasion and perhaps the biggest constitutional change in 500 years in this country.

"For me, what a journey. It's over a quarter of a century I've been doing this."

The Brexit Party leader said the result has finally sunk in and admitted that what kept him going was "pure pigheaded obstinacy" and a "desire not to be proven wrong."

Nigel promised to sing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's praises if he "gets Brexit right" and "sound the alarm bells if he gets it wrong."

Watch the full interview above.