Farage On Election Meddling: "I'm Bored Of This Russian Collusion Story!"

29 April 2018, 14:04 | Updated: 29 April 2018, 16:33

Nigel Farage says he is bored of hearing about the Russian's meddling in elections as it is revealed Russian Twitter bots played a part in promoting pro-Labour message during the general election.

Thousands of Twitter accounts posted pro-Labour messages in the run up to last year's general election.

Research conducted by Swansea University and the Sunday Times revealed that most of the 6,500 accounts are said to have been 'Twitter bots' created by Russia.

The Culture and digital secretary Matt Hanock called the reports "extremely concerning" and that it is "absolutely unacceptable for any nation to attempt to interfere in the democratic elections of another."

But Nigel Farage said he was bored with the Russian collusion conspiracy and wanted to "call it a score drawn".

He said: "I rather like this because the very group of people who've been saying that Brexit happened because of the Russians, that Trump happened because of the Russians, now find themselves the beneficiaries of the Russians.

"In fact measuring the number of these accounts compared to the Brexit referendum there were many, many times the number.

"But it didn't help them win the election.

"I'm bored with all of this, I'm bored with this Russian collusion story.

"Can we please now call it a score drawn and all move on?"