Nigel Farage: Why Won't Boris Johnson Come Clean On Voting For The Backstop?

30 July 2019, 21:03 | Updated: 30 July 2019, 21:05

Nigel Farage says it is difficult to know what the Prime Minister believes, after he backed his predecessors Withdrawal Agreement on its most recent attempt through Parliament.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel Farage pointed out how Prime Minister Boris Johnson voted for the backstop on Theresa May's third attempt to get her Brexit deal through the House of Commons.

"Three times the House of Commons threw out the dreadful deal with the backstop," Nigel said.

"What he didn't tell you that on the third time of asking, and having rejected it twice, he voted for it!"

It comes as Mr Johnson told farmers they'll benefit from new trade deals around the world after Brexit, saying: "Three times the House of Commons threw out that backstop, we have to have that backstop out of the deal".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Nigel Farage
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC / PA

"Boris, it is difficult sometimes to really understand what Boris Johnson actually genuinely believes in and he certainly isn't coming clean about voting for it," Nigel said.

"Come on Boris, why did you vote for the backstop?"

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