Nigel Farage's Advice To Boris Johnson To Get No-Deal Brexit Through Parliament

7 July 2019, 12:42

Nigel Farage offers Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson advice on getting no-deal Brexit through Parliament.

The Brexit Party leader said that Theresa May nearly succeeded in getting her "appalling treaty" through the House of Commons when the likes of Boris Johnson "lost his nerve".

"She nearly, not quite, but she nearly got that appalling treaty put into British law which would have left us trapped," he said.

But when caller Mike asked how Mr Johnson, if voted in to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader, could instead get no-deal through the house, Nigel offered him some advice.

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson
Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. Picture: Getty

Nigel then suggested Mr Johnson tell the House of Commons there is no other way of delivering Brexit than on October 31st, or face losing the support and confidence of the country in the entire democratic system.

"He has to go to the house of commons and say 'we, as an institution, our two big political parties, we are now losing the support and confidence of the country, not just in us as people, not just in us as parties, but actually the entire democratic system is now open to question," he said.

"We have to deliver Brexit, there is no other way of doing it than leaving on 31st October."

Watch Nigel's advice in full above.