Boris Johnson's coronavirus response is "terrible" says caller in China

8 March 2020, 14:14 | Updated: 8 March 2020, 14:16

By Seán Hickey

This caller told of how well the Chinese response has been compared to the European, with cases going down while cases in Europe are rising exponentially.

Boris Johnson's reaction to the coronavirus outbreak has come under fire and Nigel Farage was attacking the response, especially surrounding airports and general transport.

Ben, a student in Sian in China came on air to speak to Nigel about his experience of quarantine in China and how effective the Chinese government has been in maintaining the spread of coronavirus.

Nigel asked the caller what he thought of the UK's response to coronavirus and his opinion on Boris Johnson's actions, to which he thought the action was terrible.

Going back to China, he credited the effectiveness of quarantine, stating that in his city, which has a similar population to London "we haven't had any new cases in 15 or 16 days".

Boris Johnson's action on coronavirus has been criticised
Boris Johnson's action on coronavirus has been criticised. Picture: PA

Criticising the European approach to combatting the virus, Ben shared that "there's no other province in China that's had anywhere near as many cases as Italy".

The caller pointed at airport checks and criticised them also, claiming "these should have been done weeks ago, if not months ago".

Ben told of how "inbound flights are quarantined immediately" and that Europe should be doing the same if it doesn't want coronavirus to spread more than it already has.

Nigel backed up the points of Ben, pointing out that the UK not only allow flights in unchecked, but also "they get onto the tube then and on they go".