Brexit Party Supporter Urges Nigel Farage To Back Boris Johnson's Deal

18 October 2019, 07:54

This Brexit Party supporter told Nigel Farage he should back Boris Johnson's deal to help get Brexit over the line.

Nigel insisted that he would rather have an extension than the Prime Minister's deal, saying the agreement looks "absolutely awful".

But Tim called in to his LBC show to urge him to change his mind.

He said: "Nigel, I can tell why you're angry. It's because you've been beaten.

"I've supported you the whole way, but there is no route any more. I agree with you, we would have had a much better negotiating position if we'd have left and then we'd have all the cards to play to get a better deal. I've always felt no-deal would be the best option.

"But there's no route to it now.

"If you think Boris is going to go to a General Election on a no-deal manifesto, that isn't going to happen now. He'll go with this deal. Labour will go in with a referendum call.

"Your party, which I would have supported, just won't have the numbers. All it's going to do is split the vote of anyone who supports Brexit."

A supporter of Nigel Farage urged him to accept Boris Johnson's deal
A supporter of Nigel Farage urged him to accept Boris Johnson's deal. Picture: LBC

But Nigel told him: "I'm accepting that you may be right. It may be that his is incredibly popular and that if it doesn't get through parliament, Boris Johnson will run in a General Election on this deal.

"However, Mrs May's deal/treaty was massively unpopular with the country and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that actually public opinion will say 'Do you know what? We don't like this.'

"The problem is the absolute insistence of regulatory alignment of everything including tax - and that is the problem that says to me that we're headed into years of acrimony. That is my problem."

Tim insisted: "I think you're being deluded if you think there is any route to a no-deal Brexit now. It's over and what we need to do now is move on."