Brexiteer Caller: "I'm One Of The Mugs Who Signed Up To This Lot Back In 1973"

8 July 2018, 12:41 | Updated: 8 July 2018, 13:09

A caller who once voted for the UK to join the European Union tells Nigel Farage he would never vote Conservative again and would fight to have the Brexit he voted for.

A Leave voter said that Theresa May is a "feeble woman" who can not stand up to Jean-Claude Juncker or Michel Barnier.

Jeff also told Nigel Farage that the Prime Minister's Chequers deal was "treason".

He said: "May goes into Juncker, and Bernier, and she can't stand up.

"She's this feeble woman, and yet at the cabinet meeting at Chequers she threatens them immediately.

"When she did that, she threatens 17.4 million people.

"This is disgraceful, this is absolute treason."

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

"I'm one of the mugs that signed up to this lot back in 1973, and these youngsters today haven't got a clue what the EU is and what it's about." he said.

Nigel continued Jeff's thread, he said: "It's about authoritarianism too.

"It's about bullying the Polish government, bullying the Hungarian government.

"It's about total power."

Jeff replied: "I'm one of the old Brits, I want to stand up and fight.

"I'm one of the old type, I'm not one of these new ones that want to lie down and give in to all these snowflakes.

"The Brexiteers who went into that Cabinet meeting, they're Brexiteers in name only."