Caller Compares Farage To Hitler And The Response Is Brilliant

15 February 2017, 21:53

Nigel Farage Angry

Nigel Farage was forced to intervene after an LBC caller likened his politics to the rise of Hitler.

Anthony labelled Nigel a “dangerous" man for his views on immigration as he compared today’s situation to when Hitler came to power.

“He wasn’t popular at first as you know and we know what happened with the German economy,” Anthony said.

Not having any of it, Nigel responded: “Hang on a sec, I’ve listened very carefully to all the points you’ve made, but when you start talking about Hitler then I think you’re over-egging the pudding.

“You say that I’m controversial, I’m not sure I’m that controversial, all I’ve ever said is we should govern our own country, make our own laws, control our own borders and re-engage with countries around the world.

“Fascinatingly Anthony, virtually everything I’ve been saying for 20 years is now being said by the Prime Minister!”