Caller Tells Nigel Farage He's Not Welcome In Scotland

25 July 2019, 18:38

This listener rang in to tell Nigel Farage he thought he was a "bit jealous" of Donald Trump "bigging up BoJo" but ended up telling him he wasn't welcome in one part of the UK.

This anti-Farage caller said he thought Nigel sounded a "bit jealous" when talking about Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

The caller said "I think you're a bit petulant."

He told Nigel he thought he was "a bit jealous" after US President Donald Trump sang the praises of Boris Johnson.

Nigel said he didn't understand what the caller meant, adding he wasn't jealous at all.

The caller said he thought Nigel was upset because President Trump was "bigging up Bojo and ignoring you."

Nigel pointed out that while he was in the USA President Trump made several comments about him earlier this week.

When Nigel asked if he had "anything constructive" to say, the caller said "You, Mr Trump and Mr Johnson have one thing in common. None of you are welcome in Scotland."

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