Nigel Farage Challenges Caller Who Labelled Corbyn A Racist

25 March 2018, 13:01

Jeremy Corbyn has has been criticised for sacking Owen Smith as shadow Northern Ireland secretary, as Nigel Farage asked this listener whether the Labour Party is split.

When Nigel asked Carol from Uxbridge whether Labour was split on Europe, or whether it was "Blairites vs Corbynites", she said "Corbyn is out for himself."

"He's a blatant racist, and not fit for purpose."

Nigel was quick to intervene, asking her to explain what she means.

"All he's interested in is getting the vote for himself, he doesn't care about the people of Great Britain" she said.

"Labour does not stand for working class people anymore."

"What do the white working classes that come from Labour families do at the next election?" Nigel asked.

She responded: "They will not be voting for Labour; they're not fit for purpose."