Nigel Farage Fires Back At Cambridge Union For University 'No-Platforming'

7 July 2019, 13:23

Nigel Farage hits out at the President of the Cambridge Union for saying he wouldn't be trusted to speak on his own, but could be considered as 'part of a panel' on Brexit.

Union President Abdullah Shah says he has taken an approach to 'no-platforming' some speakers who "say controversial things for the sake of it", adding he would not invite Nigel Farage to speak on a 'solo platform' but might be included in group panel discussions on Brexit.

But Nigel Farage says the move demonstrates how students are not being allowed to "make up their minds" on social, economic and political issues.

After reading Mr Shah's remarks, Nigel hit out and told the President not to bother, calling the move "twisted logic".

"If that really is what the Cambridge Union has sunk to, that you actually find it difficult to think you could even bring yourself to invite somebody who just won a national election, if that is the mentality then frankly the Cambridge Union isn't worth even continuing the exist".

Nigel described the decision as "twisted logic" and "crazy" and will result in "damaging a lot of young people" who choose to study at the university.

"This is astonishing and we've talked about this time and again on this show that the universities seem to take one particular point of view as being moral and virtuous and another point of view as somehow being akin to Naziism in the 1930s," he said.

"It is absolutely twisted logic, it is wrong, it is crazy and sadly I think it is damaging a lot of young people who are going through university who deserve, not just to be taught objectively, but to be taught critical thinking and allowed to make their own minds up on a whole range of social, economic and political issues."

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