Dan Hodges Tells Nigel Farage: 'It's Looking Like Theresa May's Deal Or Nothing'

22 September 2019, 18:47 | Updated: 22 September 2019, 18:49

Columnist Dan Hodges spoke to Nigel Farage about whether the EU will "capitulate" and offer a better deal.

Dan Hodges told Nigel Farage that he was "sceptical" of him being offered "big change" by the European Union.

He referenced what has happened in the last week, such as the press conference in Luxembourg.

He said: "The reality is, for me anyway, there is no signs at all that the EU is moving away from its long-standing position that it is Theresa May's deal or it's nothing".

Hodges added that this was unless Boris Johnson was willing to make significant concessions himself.

If he does that, Hodges added, people like Nigel Farage would "have him for breakfast'.

Dan Hodges Tells Nigel Farage That He Thinks It Could Be "Theresa May&squot;s Deal Or It&squot;s Nothing"
Dan Hodges Tells Nigel Farage That He Thinks It Could Be "Theresa May's Deal Or It's Nothing". Picture: LBC

Hodges said: "The EU may offer some tweaks.

But the reality is, that the EU and the politicians within the EU have a constituency of their own."

He said he doesn't see any signs of any major changes from the EU.

Dan Hodges then said there are two scenarios regarding the deadline of October 31st.

Either, he argued, Boris Johnson steps down or is removed via a confidence motion.

He concluded: "I don't see the scenario where we leave on October 31st."