Nigel Farage: "Durham Police statement is not the end of Cummings fiasco for Boris Johnson"

28 May 2020, 19:48 | Updated: 29 May 2020, 13:40

Nigel Farage reaction to Durham Police statement

By Seán Hickey

Nigel Farage reflected on what the controversy around Dominic Cummings means for the Prime Minister.

After Durham Police concluded that Dominic Cummings "might have" broken lockdown rules and Nigel read the constabulary's statement out live on air. He reflected on the saga by saying how funny the similarities between this controversy and a popular TV show is.

"It was funny on Little Britain but it isn't quite so funny now" he said, hinting that the insistence by the PM that the story is now ended is comical.

Nigel argued that if Mr Cummings had "been stopped on the A1 he'd have been told to return to London." Aside from that, he took the "cock and bull story" he believed Mr Cummings came up with to explain his trip to Barnard Castle as "unbelievable" and wondered why the Prime Minister's chief aide bothered lying at all.

He argued that "nearly all of this would have been avoided" if Mr Cummings had told the truth and apologised in his press conference on Monday.

Mr Cummings has been in the limelight since revelations arose over the weekend
Mr Cummings has been in the limelight since revelations arose over the weekend. Picture: PA

Nigel wondered how the public and press might have reacted if the chief advisor levelled with us on Monday in his press conference.

"In a situation like this, had we a little bit of honesty, public opinion would have been to move on" he suggested. Nigel was adamant that the statement by Durham Police would not bring closure to the government and is only the beginning of a string of problems that will arrive at the Prime Minister's door in weeks to come.

Nigel said that "the behaviour around this has led to a loss in confidence in Boris Johnson as a leader" and will be a telling moment in how the PM continues his reign.

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