Nigel Farage Surprises Listeners With A Plea For Genuine Refugees

9 February 2017, 20:26 | Updated: 10 February 2017, 06:56

Nigel Farage amazed in the studio

Nigel Farage has an unexpected theory for regaining control of our national boarders.

The 52-year-old argues that if we get legal immigration under control, we can then begin to think properly about taking genuine refugees into Britain.

"Because my final thought on this very vexed and difficult issue is this - I have absolutely no problem with us being a civilised country that takes in genuine refugees. I have never, ever had a problem with it.

"The difficulty is that because legal immigration is running at a net third of a million a year, we've just had enough of the sheer numbers coming to this country and we've closed our hearts even to those who potentially might be genuine refugees.

"We're worried about people taking the mickey out of the system.

"Get legal immigration out of control and then perhaps we can think properly about taking genuine refugees into Britain from Syria, you and others, I think will be happy with that policy."