"Messaging to young people is wrong" former sixth form head tells Nigel Farage

4 April 2020, 15:28 | Updated: 4 April 2020, 15:46

By Seán Hickey

According to this former teacher, young people aren't obeying government guidelines because they're told coronavirus doesn't effect them.

Rosemund is a former 6th form head and she called in to share her experience of working with young people to Nigel.

"I have an issue with adults here" Rosemund began. She was of the opinion that seeing as adults so far have been the ones to be given specific government guidance, they should be leading by example and staying at home.

She insisted that "young people are very respectful so long as you communicate with them" and believes that because young people have not been spoken to directly about the coronavirus crisis, it has led to them not taking into account the social distancing advice.

"The messaging to young people is all wrong" Rosemund said.

Young people have been criticised for ignoring social distancing rules
Young people have been criticised for ignoring social distancing rules. Picture: PA

Acknowledging that the UK has put a lot of attention into educating the adult population on the outbreak but has majorly neglected the young population, Nigel argued that the question is in fact "whether they respect the government".

Rosemund was blunt in her assumptions, claiming that "they need to tell young people this is a matter of life and death" in order to get young people to consider those most vulnerable in the virus' outbreak.

Rosemund has faith in the intuition and compassion of young people, claiming that if you "be honest with them" you will see a massive change in behaviour.

Nigel pointed out a possible loophole in how the government can change the habits of young people, suggesting that they can stop spending so much money on television adverts and invest more in social media to get in touch with younger demographics.