Furious Caller Tells Nigel Farage Politicians Are Costing Us Billions In Brexit Delays

23 October 2019, 19:43

A furious caller tells Nigel Farage that all politicians are costing the taxpayer billions in Brexit delays and no one, even those defending people in poverty, is trying to stop this.

"I'm trying very hard to calm down stood in my kitchen," said caller Angela, "I've gone past shouting at the telly, it doesn't answer back."

Angela said Boris Johnson should take responsibility if we do not leave the EU on October 31, but she said "the whole lot of them" should take responsibility.

"There are children not being fed in this country, can't get apprenticeships, it's endless isn't it? I could go on, everybody knows the state of it. But not one of them is standing up and telling us - our taxpayers' money - how much it is costing us each month for every delay."

Nigel said the treasury estimate for what the delay would cost Brexit up until 2020 is £39 billion.

Caller: Jeremy Corbyn is contributing to this, despite defending people in poverty
Caller: Jeremy Corbyn is contributing to this, despite defending people in poverty. Picture: PA

"As it now looks pretty certain - as Barnier's already said and as the treaty lays out - we're probably be in this until at least 2022. I can now predict for you quite confidently that this is going to be about £65 billion by the time this is done," he said.

Angela said: "And they can stand there and say they want a delay? If I said to my milkman, I'm delaying and I can't pay you this week, I'd get chucked to court."

Nigel said: "As far as you're concerned the blame is spread evenly between all of them?"

"Of course it is. Jeremy stands there about how badly they've all done, and the state of poverty, but what's he costing the country? Delay."

Nigel said: "Well you can argue that Boris Johnson is going for a timetable that means it's a long time until this is over.