Government Must Stop Ignoring Genuine Immigration Concerns Of Brexiteers: Farage

19 April 2018, 20:25

This "PC" government must stop "deliberately" ignoring the genuine concerns of Brexit voters on immigration, Nigel Farage has said.

Boris Johnson has suggested the government should make a “liberal” case for immigration.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Foreign Secretary said the referendum result was about control, and not slashing numbers.

But, Nigel accused Boris and the rest of the Cabinet of ignoring voters’ real concerns so they can “get all the right kind of party invitations” instead.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

“If we hadn't discussed immigration, if it hadn't been part of the referendum agenda the Remain side would have won very, very comfortably,” Nigel said.

“It remains a hugely important issue, not because the average Brit dislikes anybody that's foreign.

“The average Brit looks at this Windrush mess and says 'what an absolute Horlicks the Home Office has made' and what an unfair way to treat people.

“But the average Brit knows that getting a GP appointment is tougher than it was, the average Brit knows getting their kids into a local primary school is tougher than it was and the average Brit knows… but for years wages have been driven down and communities in some parts of the country have been changed beyond recognition this issue really does matter.”

He finished: “I feel with this government and Gove and Johnson and May and all of them, we've got a very politically correct group of people in charge they want to be thought of as being nice, they want to be thought of as people who get all the right kind of party invitations and as a result of it the key issue that people voted for in Brexit is willfully and deliberately being ignored.”