Ian Duncan Smith: We've Just Given The EU Everything They've Asked For

25 November 2018, 11:15 | Updated: 25 November 2018, 13:53

Ian Duncan Smith said he's not surprised almost two years of negotiations boiled down to less than 38 minutes for the EU to agree.

The former Conservative leader told Nigel Farage that the government has given the EU "everything they've asked for" during the negotiation period.

"Last December we gave them the backstop, which is a disaster, and £39bn because it would unlock the trade discussions complete alongside everything else by the time we voted," he said.

"The thing that really worries me is that we are assured by the Prime Minister that the European Union doesn't really want us in this backstop. Apparently we don't want to be in this backstop and we're going to do everything we can to avoid it.

"So my question is why in hell's name are we in a backstop, and why do we need this? And the answer is because actually they really do want us in the backstop and this is just a lot of waffle."