The Listener Who Wants Jacob Rees-Mogg To Lead Ukip

16 January 2018, 20:26 | Updated: 16 January 2018, 20:29

Nigel Farage couldn’t help but laugh when this caller suggested that Jacob Rees-Mogg could be the saviour of Ukip.

Neil from Maldon put forward the Conservative backbencher after William Hague said the “writing is on the wall” for Ukip.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage
Picture: PA/LBC

The former Tory leader said the eurosceptic party no longer had a reason to exist because Brexit will soon be delivered.

But, this caller believed there was still a purpose for Ukip, if there was another change at the top.

Neil told Nigel: “I think Ukip are in a bit of a state at the moment… Rees-Mogg would be a brilliant person to run Ukip!”

“I admire his honesty, the calmest of how he speaks.”

The suggestion seemed to tickle Nigel.

Broadcasting from Strasbourg he quipped: “I think if you cut Jacob Rees-Mogg in half, rather like a stick of rock, he’d have Tory written through the middle.”

Watch the moment above.