Labour Peer tells Nigel Farage the current party 'depresses' him

16 February 2020, 10:42 | Updated: 16 February 2020, 11:00

Labour Peer Lord Charlie Falconer said the current Labour Party made him feel "depressed" and that the party had failed to tackle anti-Semitism.

With the ongoing Labour leadership race, Nigel Farage spoke to Labour peer Lord Charlie Falconer, a former flatmate of Tony Blair and architect of three general election victories for his party.

Nigel asked how today's Labour Party made him feel and the peer was quick to say it makes him feel "depressed."

He told LBC the party struggled at the last election because people didn't feel like the Labour Party could take over straight away, "there were too many doubts about the leadership."

He said under Jeremy Corbyn, the party had "failed, over the last three years, to provide any particular clarity, about what should happen to the main issue of the day, namely whether we should leave the European Union, and if so on what terms."

Lord Falconer told Nigel Farage "you have to be able to say to the country 'they are bad, we have something that we offer that you could accept' and they weren't doing that."

"We've got a long way back to go at the moment, it's going to be very difficult."

The Labour Peer was speaking to Nigel Farage
The Labour Peer was speaking to Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

When Nigel asked about the current leadership election, Lord Falconer hit out at Rebecca Long-Bailey, he said: "If she wins the leadership election we are, effectively ceasing to compete for power in the country, because people will think it's a continuation of Jeremy Corbyn, who they have conclusively repudiated, then we are not trying to be in government."

He said Lisa Nandy seemed to realise Labour had lost touch with traditional Labour leaders in the Midlands and the North, while on Sir Keir Starmer he said he was "able and competent" but was yet to "define himself politically."

Lord Falconer said the way Labour had been led over the last few years had been "absolutely disgraceful," citing anti-Semitism as "the obvious big example," he said the crisis within the Labour Party was "never properly dealt with."

The Labour Peer said the party would have to deal with it "very effectively, and very quickly."

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