Sir Keir Starmer is planning a shadow cabinet reshuffle on Sunday

Sir Keir Starmer reshuffles shadow cabinet with Angela Rayner given new role

2 months ago

Angela Rayner told Iain Dale she was gutted Corbyn's suspension was stealing Thursday's headlines

Angela Rayner 'absolutely gutted' to hear of Corbyn's suspension from Labour

9 months ago

Jonathan Reynolds told Eddie Mair Sir Keir did speak out on anti-Semitism under Corbyn's leadership

Eddie Mair asks shadow minister if anti-Semitism under Corbyn was news to Starmer

9 months ago

Lord Austin told Eddie Mair that today was a really shameful day for Labour

There are 'too many racists and cranks in the party', former Labour MP says

9 months ago

Keir Starmer has said a second national lockdown would be a sign of government failure

Keir Starmer: Second lockdown would be sign of 'government failure'

10 months ago

Ian Henderson was given a formal warning after helping Conservatives deliver food to a foodbank

Labour councillor given warning after working with Tories to deliver food to foodbank

Ages ago