Conservative MP Nigel Evans Tells Nigel Farage That Brexit Will Happen As Boris Johnson Is "A Different Kettle of Fish"

23 July 2019, 19:29

Nigel Evans told LBC he's confident Boris Johnson will be able to deliver Brexit by 31st October as "he believes in the mission".

The Joint Executive Secretary of the 1922 Committee told Nigel Farage that the EU will treat Boris Johnson differently to Theresa May in the Brexit negotiations.

Nigel Evans said Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier "never believed that Theresa May would leave the European Union without a deal so he knew he could give her as rubbish a deal as he wanted."

However he said that Mr Barnier will know that "Boris Johnson is a different kettle of fish and the reason why is because he believes in the mission, just like you do, just like I do."

Mr Evans said: "We want to leave the European Union and Michel Barnier knows that. And he will also know, that if needs be, we will leave without a deal."

Mr Evans added that the EU will want to make trade with Britain "as hassle-free" and "as frictionless" as they can.

He quoted Boris Johnson's comment that if we can get a man on the moon, we can deliver Brexit.

Nigel Farage spoke to Nigel Evans
Nigel Farage spoke to Nigel Evans. Picture: LBC

However Nigel Farage interrupted and reminded him, "There's just a hundred days, Nigel, just a hundred days, and with the best will in the world, if he tries to re-heat Mrs May's new European treaty there's still a big chance that Parliament will reject it."

Nigel Farage said he thinks the most likely way we would leave by October 31st would be through a General Election.

In response Nigel Evans said, "I still don't accept that" but he agreed that Mrs May's European treaty shouldn't be "re-heated" and that it would be "pointless" to renegotiate he withdrawal agreement.

Mr Evans added: "They've got to move on, they've got to look for something different"

Speaking about Boris Johnson's credibility, Mr Evans said he has not just been appointed as PM like Theresa May, but "he has been endorsed by the Conservative Party" as two thirds of them have voted for him.

Mr Evans also pushed Conservative MPs who don't support Boris Johnson to "get behind him" as he said "the choice now isn't between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, it's between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, and that's where the focus should be."