Nigel Farage Battles Corbynista Over Wreath-Laying Row

13 August 2018, 20:32 | Updated: 13 August 2018, 20:40

When this caller said the wreath-laying row surrounding Jeremy Corbyn was “pale in comparison” to some of the people Nigel Farage had met - things turned very heated.

The Labour leader has been slammed by the Israeli Prime Minister after photos emerged of Mr Corbyn attending a Palestinian memorial ceremony.

Mr Corbyn says he took part in a ceremony for 47 people killed in a 1985 Israeli bombing in Tunisia four years ago.

While he admitted being present during a wreath-laying for those allegedly involved in the Munich massacre of 1972, he said he was not directly involved.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

Nigel believes Mr Corbyn’s past had “finally caught up with him”.

But, Sajid phoned LBC to vehemently disagree, telling the LBC presenter: “With friends like yours, Donald Trump and people like that who have done the most absurd things - this is a pale in comparison.”

Nigel hit back: “When has Donald Trump ever supported a terrorist or honoured their grave?”

What followed next went from 0-60 very quickly.

Watch it unfold above.