Nigel Farage Shoots Down Claim He Has Put UK In “Weak” Position

15 January 2018, 20:21 | Updated: 15 January 2018, 20:28

When Nigel Farage was accused of putting the UK a “weak” position, the LBC presenter had an epic response waiting.

Emmanuel Macron is expected to give approval to a favourable Brexit trade deal if Britain takes more migrants from Calais.

The French President is due to meet Theresa May on Thursday where it’s understood he’ll give his ultimatum

Nigel disapproved of the idea as he slammed Mr Macron for “blackmail”.

His response promoted Agnes to tweet him, who wrote: “Of course Macron is blackmailing the UK and it's all your fault!

“Along with the other Brexiteers for putting the UK in such a weak position.”

So, the LBC presenter hit back: “Agnes, we are in a very strong position, we have done a hell of a lot to help the French with a huge problem in Calais.

“We paid £124m over the course of the last few years to make it safer and to make their trade easier.

“They sell us £12billion pounds of goods more every year than we sell them- what more could he possibly ask from us?”