Nigel Farage caller slams Labour for being "obsessed" with transgender rights

24 February 2020, 20:05 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 20:06

This furious caller slammed the Labour leadership candidates for being "obsessed" with transgender rights and vowed that they will never get into power by prioritising these issues.

"All these three candidates are delusional, as long as they've got their ideas and policies they'll never get into power again," said the caller Ian.

"They're obsessed by this gender fluid policies and I actually saw Lisa Nandy say the other night that if there was a guy that identified as a woman and was convicted, she would send this guy into a women's prison," he said, "it's absolutely ridiculous."

The Wigan MP said that she believes "fundamentally in people's right to self-ID" so an offender's gender identity should be respected and adhered to when it comes to prison placement. 

Nigel agreed, "You almost can't believe it, can you?"

"It's crazy! They won't get into power as long as they've got those same people leading...they've got to get somebody else with a bit of nouse," said Ian, "I'm calling them the 'wokeness' party because they're not the Labour party they're just full of 'wokeness'."

Nigel acknowledged that this mindset may be popular in some of the big cities but it's not popular elsewhere.