Nigel Farage Clashes With Caller Who Voted Leave But Is Now A Liberal Democrat

13 October 2019, 15:02

Nigel Farage couldn't understand why Eyo would go from voting for Brexit in the referendum to supporting the Liberal Democrats and another referendum.

Eyo, from Hackney, said: "I actually voted to leave but I've changed my mind. I definitely think there should be a second referendum and actually I'm supporting the Liberal Democrats now as someone who generally would have voted for Labour but would consider myself a floating voter."

Nigel Farage asked: "Are you a democrat, Eyo?"

He said yes.

Nigel proceeded: "So why would want to vote for a party that would cancel, without reference to us, if it won the general election it would cancel the result of the greatest democratic exercise in a generation."

The two then disagreed about what was the greatest democratic exercise. As Eyo pointed out, the 1992 General Election did actually have a higher turnout that the EU referendum.

Nigel Farage Clashes With Caller Who Voted Leave But Is Now A Liberal Democrat
Nigel Farage Clashes With Caller Who Voted Leave But Is Now A Liberal Democrat. Picture: LBC

Eyo continued: "You're saying why would I vote for them - an undemocratic party, as you put it. But you, in your own sentence, Nigel, you answered the question. The key word you just said there was 'vote', Nigel. At the end of the day, if they put in their manifesto, you elect us and then this is what we would do, if you do not want them to do that then you just don't vote for them and you vote for another party that say they will do something else.

I cannot understand how you can say it cannot be democratic..."

Nigel then said: "Because they said in 2016, and Paddy Ashdown was then the grand old man of the Liberal Democrats and speaking very much for the Liberal Democrat movement in this country and Ashdown clearly said, whatever the result, we as a party will back its implementation and they haven't done that."

Eyo responded: "Nigel, you are one of these people that you know that Parliament has tried to implement the decision..."

Nigel replied: "I haven't seen it once, no."

Eyo told him to "open your eyes" and added that "this is what they've been trying to do for the last three years".

Nigel accused them of watering it down, to which Eyo disagreed.

Eyo argued: "At the end of the day, on their ballot paper, it said leave or remain - even in on your own literature, in the Leave campaign, it said we would not leave the EU unless we had an agreement."

Nigel then said: "We're running out of time - let me just ask you quickly. You want a second referendum, what's the question going to be?"

Eyo said that is should be something that "brings in the whole country" but Nigel Farage insisted that it must be a binary question.

After arguing about how to make the questioning binary, Nigel said: "I gave you a good run there and i'm afraid it doesn't make sense to me."