Nigel Farage defends Priti Patel's "bullying" in Home Office scandal

1 March 2020, 12:21

The Home Secretary has come under fire for apparent bullying in her department of one of the top officials, but Nigel Farage was on hand to defend the actions of Priti Patel.

Nigel began his argument by asserting the point that Ms. Patel is ultimately in charge of the Home Office and what she says goes.

He argued that in past governments, civil servants have had an easier ride because their boss, the Home Secretary could be replaced at any moment.

In this new majority Conservative government, Nigel put that Patel is coming from the angle of questioning "who's the master, who's the servant".

Nigel compared the Home Secrertary's angle to the work of Margaret Thatcher and how she got a tight grip on the civil service and ruled it with an iron fist.

Nigel defended the Home Secretary
Nigel defended the Home Secretary. Picture: PA

"It looks like Priti Patel is a pretty forceful home secretary"

Nigel Farage was happy that the UK has such a powerful figure in the office, pointing out that "if we've got a home secretary in there kicking backsides" then scandals such as Windrush will never happen again.

Losing one of the higher up members of the Home Office is a small price to pay for order and organisation in Nigel's eyes, stating "if she upsets one or two senior mandarins, I couldn't care less".