Nigel Farage despairs at UK accepting Chinese coronavirus aid

5 April 2020, 13:38

By Seán Hickey

Nigel Farage believes that accepting coronavirus aid from communist China will lead to the state having a hand in our 5G network.

After news that the UK will receive 300 ventilators from China to combat coronavirus, Nigel Farage wondered if the deal would involve Huawei having a deeper hand in the British 5G networks.

Nigel admitted "sure we want ventilators from everywhere" but proposed that "the price is having China still in our 5G network" when we accept donations from the country.

He believed that our dealings with China would "damage relations with our allies" and lead to the UK distancing itself from the US and Europe in the future.

"I despair on this" Nigel said.

Nigel believes Huawei will get a tight grip on the UK's 5G network
Nigel believes Huawei will get a tight grip on the UK's 5G network. Picture: PA

"We are much too dependant on China" Nigel warned. He cited abuses from China such as reeducation camps to make the point that we cannot be associated too closely to the country.

"The administrators in China are not our friends."

Nigel expressed a fear around the thoughts he had around becoming close to China. After believing that we may be distancing ourselves from our allies and offering up our utilities to Chinese companies frightened him. "To think China is our future, God help us" Nigel said.