Nigel Farage fumes at Meghan and Harry shunning their titles

23 February 2020, 15:46

Although the Queen does not own the titles according to the Duke and Duchess, they won't use them anyway.

A 1114 page statement was released by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex where they state that they will not be using their royal brand in future, although they are well within their right to do so.

Within the statement the couple claim that although other members of the royal family such as Beatrice and Eugenie still use their titles, they will refrain and distance themselves as much as they can from the crown.

Nigel fumed at the suggestion by Harry and Meghan that they are going along with the removal of the royal brand due to their humility, calling it out as all a facade.

Venting live on his phone-in, Nigel imagined the thinking of the Sussexes as "you can't tell us and force us what to do but we'll do it anyway because we're rather great people".