Nigel Farage Hammers Ex-EU President Over “Knife On Their Throat” Comment

27 February 2019, 19:40 | Updated: 27 February 2019, 20:21

Nigel Farage rebuked the former president of the European Council after he said Britain would end up joining rejoining the EU trading bloc with “the abyss in front of their eyes and the knife on their throat”.

Herman Van Rompuy’s remarks were printed in the Evening Standard on Tuesday ahead of a speech in London.

“The tragic reality is that British nationalism is leading to the break-up of the nation,” he was expected to say.

The Belgium politician added that Britain would be “welcomed back with open arms” by the EU if it changed its mind on Brexit.

But the remarks left Nigel furious.

Herman Van Rompuy came under attack from Nigel Farage
Herman Van Rompuy came under attack from Nigel Farage. Picture: PA/LBC

“These are arrogant, nasty, vile people who hate the existence of the nation state,” he fumed.

“They want to destroy the nation state, they want us all to become part of a United States of Europe and stopping Brexit is a priority.

“They don't care what language they use, it is the kind of language that an enemy you are fighting against in war would use about you, but that's how they see this.

“They see this as a war, a war to keep the European Union together and in that battle, they are aided and abetted by many members of our political class.”