Nigel Farage: Why Spend "Vast Amounts Of Money" On HS2 To Get To Manchester 20 Minutes Quicker

21 August 2019, 19:07

Nigel Farage gave a passionate monologue on the subject of HS2, questioning why spend "vast amounts of money" to get to Manchester "20 minutes more quickly."

Nigel told his LBC audience that the subject of HS2 was close his heart, and a subject on which he has "campaigned for over a decade."

With the future of the HS2 high speed rail network could be in doubt after the government launched a major review into whether it should continue, Nigel Farage gave his views.

He said he had been "opposed to it from day one," because it seemed to him he could "hop on a train at Euston," and be in Manchester in "two hours and five minutes."

Nigel Farage said he was always against HS2
Nigel Farage said he was always against HS2. Picture: LBC

Nigel questioned why the government needed to spend "vast amounts of money to get there, 20 minutes more quickly."

Bringing up the French TVG project, Nigel said the argument for HS2 was that it would mean more "business for Birmingham, more business for Manchester."

But, Nigel explained in France, Marseille was six hours from Paris until they built high speed rail, which halved the travel time to three hours, which meant more Marseille companies moved to Paris.

Nigel said he "never bought the business argument."

Summing up, Nigel said the money could be spent far better on things such as improved broadband connectivity, or mobile phone signal equipment.

"There are many things we could do with this money better than for rich businessmen to get back home from Manchester and have one more gin and tonic."

Watch the whole passionate monologue in the video at the top of the page, or click here to watch the whole of Wednesday's Nigel Farage Show.