Nigel Farage: Johnson's Deal Means "Huge Democratic Sacrifices"

17 October 2019, 22:42

"We're going to have to make huge democratic sacrifices," said Nigel Farage in a furious reaction to Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal.

"We have literally today surrendered any idea that we will take back our territorial waters. So to get to a free trade agreement, we're going to have to make huge democratic sacrifices.

"You see, the argument we're taking back control of our laws, our money and our borders doesn't work if we stay in regulated realignment, because we will basically have to accept all new EU laws and rules over which of course, we will now have if we if we've technically left the European Union, have no say what so ever."

"So look, I think it's absolutely awful. I'm pretty depressed about what's been agreed today. It certainly isn't Brexit.

"But there was a really very, very interesting, very interesting, Jean-Claude Juncker moment this afternoon. Younger he was asked about well, what if this doesn't pass? Would that be an extension?"

Nigel Farage plays the recording and calls Jean-Claude Juncker's unwillingness to consider an extension "virtually gangsterism."

Nigel: Juncker&squot;s unwillingness to consider an extension is "virtually gangsterism."
Nigel: Juncker's unwillingness to consider an extension is "virtually gangsterism.". Picture: PA

"I mean, here you have an unelected Luxemburger who heads up the European Commission making a decision? There will be no extension. Now whether he's consulted with 27 other heads of state, I don't know.

"But effectively, he's kind of overruled the Benn Act if this line of argument continues.

"Now I don't like the Benn Act one little bit. But it is a law that that was passed in the UK Parliament. Is this why Boris was so confident all along, that we would be leaving on the 31st of October? Did he know that somehow somewhere they'd say there can be no extension?

"However since that statement of Juncker's, I've been talking behind the scenes to a few people, and there is an exception they of course would make and that is if Parliament passed for us to have a second referendum.

"If we would have a referendum on this new treaty then they will happily give us an extension so that we've got time to do it."