Nigel Farage Reveals What Was Behind His Prince Harry Comments

19 August 2019, 20:31

Nigel Farage reveals to LBC exactly what he meant by comments he made about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while he was in Australia.

Nigel Farage said when he was in Australia last week he made some comments which were picked up by the press.

Nigel said the comments were made after dinner and he thought they were private, but "that's life."

Explaining what he meant at the time, Nigel said he thought Prince Harry was "much more popular in this country, when he was a jack the lad, and went out drinking, and he was a soldier."

He said he felt since his marriage he'd changed to becoming an "eco warrior"which made him a "rather less attractive and popular figure."

Nigel Farage was discussing Prince Harry
Nigel Farage was discussing Prince Harry. Picture: LBC

Nigel was commenting after Sir Elton John confirmed it was him who paid for the Royal couple to fly to France by private jet.

This is the fourth trip by the Sussexes on a private jet in the last 11 days which led Labour MP Teresa Pearce to say that the public do not want to be lectured on climate change by those who don't follow their own advice.

Nigel appealed for those who had been vocal on social media to shout at Teresa Pearce and not him.

He added that it was "up to Harry how he lives his life and what he does," he predicted that the newspapers would be "gunning for them" for sometime.

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