Nigel Farage: “Trump Has Achieved More In One Day Than Theresa May Has In Two Years"

26 July 2018, 20:27

With Donald Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker coming to a trade deal after just one day of negotiations, Nigel Farage couldn't hold back his frustration blasting the lack of progress of the UK has made in trade talks with the European Union.

America and the EU have agreed to avoid an all-out trade war with US President Donald Trump hailing talks as "a very strong understanding."

But the announcement from the White House left Nigel Farage frustrated as to why the UK government's trade negotiations have stalled.

Nigel Farage vented his anger on LBC saying: "Why has this happened? It's because Donald Trump has issued a threat and the European Union took it seriously.

"I would say that Donald Trump has achieved more in one day of trade negotiations than Theresa May has in two years."

He continued: "Why? Because the only thing the European commission respects are people who are tough. They don't respect people who constantly appease them."