Nigel Farage’s Compelling Argument Against An “Opt-Out” Donor Register

5 October 2017, 20:02

All Brits may soon have to “opt-out” if they do not want to donate their organs after death, but Nigel Farage has put forward his argument why that’s wrong.

During her speech on Wednesday, Theresa May announced plans to make it easier for doctors in England to take organs for transplants, without explicit consent.

Supporters of the plan say it would boost donations and save lives, however Nigel thinks it gives the state “too much power”.

Offering a compelling argument, the LBC presenter said: “I don't want the state to own me whether I'm living or I'm dead.

“I don't believe this is right, I think if you want to increase organ donation you do it through education, you do it every time someone visits the GP, you do it by getting people to opt-in.”

Watch Nigel’s take in full above.