Nigel Farage’s Booming Response To Those Who Want Brexit Cancelled

11 December 2018, 19:57

Want Article 50 revoked and Brexit stopped? Nigel Farage has this message for you…

The LBC presenter was responding to former PM Sir John Major who says Britain’s departure from the EU must be halted with immediate effect.

“We need to calm the markets, we need to protect the economic wellbeing of the British people,” Sir John added.

Nigel also received the same plea from an LBC listener - so he offered up this impassioned response.

He boomed: “Johnny Major has the gall to lecture us and says we should revoke Article 50, cancel Brexit completely, that's what Mike in Bromley thinks too, but if we cancelled it how on earth will we ever get it back on the agenda?

“Absolutely disgraceful that we have Blair and Major and all these former PMs behaving as they are, completely laughing at the British people who are in the biggest democratic exercise the history of our nation voted for Brexit.”