Nigel Farage: Let's Call It The Foreign Bribery Budget

12 February 2018, 20:35 | Updated: 13 February 2018, 07:41

Nigel Farage responded to a texter suggesting that the foreign aid budget is used to bribe foreign politicians.

Oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned over the prostitution scandal, saying she is "ashamed" of what happened. The International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has threatened to axe Oxfam’s funding over the scandal. Nigel Farage was asking on the show if we need to rethink the way we spend the foreign aid budget.

David, from Hereford, texted Nigel Farage saying, "Could it be that part of the overseas aid is slush money, used to grease the palms of foreign politicians who agree to buy our products? Keeps our workers in work and makes the government look good."

Nigel responded, "That's fine if we think bribery is the right way tot do it. So let's rebrand it and call it the foreign bribery budget. And I'm sure as soon as we do that there will be howls of outrage from everybody, saying that this is simply monstrous."

"We think of foreign aid budget as being humanitarian help and relief. And we do see clues from our Prime Minister and our Development Secretary that in fact in many ways this money is used for different purposes."

You can watch the clip above.