Nigel Farage Responds To Reports Downing Street Will Ban Him Meeting Trump

3 July 2018, 20:21

Nigel Farage has responded to reports that Downing Street want to ban him from meeting the US President when he visits the UK on the 13th July.

Downing Street has reportedly banned Nigel Farage from meeting with Donald Trump when he visits the UK this month.

A Whitehall source said that a ban on a meeting is "a red line for 10 Downing Street" in the preparations of the visit.

The source told the Telegraph newspaper that Number 10 has made it clear that the US President "must not meet Farage" in the talks over the itinerary.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel Farage responded to the report by saying it is "undoubtably true", and that the government hates him.

"But do you know what, given that I've got some good relations with the US, you'd have thought I might be helpful to you," he said.

"Clearly I'm not wanted.

"Never mind."