Nigel's Response To This Text Will Make You Think Twice About Parental Rights

29 April 2018, 14:48 | Updated: 29 April 2018, 15:10

Nigel Farage hit back at one listener who claimed he was "hijacking" the Alfie Evans case in order to "take a pop" at the establishment.

Nigel Farage called out his support for the parents of Alfie Evans and parental rights after he was criticised for "shamefully hijacking" the case just to "have a pop at the establishment".

"I'm not hijacking this case" he said.

"I think the state has too much power.

"I think parental rights matter.

"I think parental rights have been tramped on in this case."

Nigel Farage was also in support of the parents of Ashya King, who had a rare form of brain cancer.

Ashya's parents took him to Europe for new proton therapy in 2014, and say he is now cancer-free.

Farage said that any parent "wants to do everything you humanly could" to help your child when they are sick and that "if it's denied to you, it's a very cruel thing".

He said: "Doctors aren't always right but even if they are right, ultimately who owns our children?"

"Is it us, or is it the state?

"And in this case very clearly it appears to be the state.

"And I believe that to be wrong.

"And I've seen with this Alfie Evans case the establishment clubbed together in the most extraordinary way."