"We've Given Something Of A Hostage To Fortune" To Assad Opposition Says Farage

15 April 2018, 13:57

Nigel Farage criticised Theresa May's decision to make military intervention in Syria saying it gives Assad's opposition "something of a hostage to fortune".

Nigel Farage thinks that the promise to take further action if chemical weapons are used again has "given something of a hostage to fortune" to Assad's opposition.

"Over the last few days we've heard all the same voices.

"The same voices that supported the war in Iraq.

"The same voices that supported the war in Libya.

"All the same people arguing again for military intervention.

"We're told it's not about regime change, but if there are any more uses of chemical weapons we will do it again.

"Given that we know the opposition to Assad have chemical weapons, it seems to be we've given something of a hostage to fortune."

But regardless of parliamentary debate, he said "my view is we should not be getting involved."