Sir Anthony Seldon: The Great Paradox Of Enoch Powell

22 April 2018, 16:02

The political historian Sir Anthony Seldon said the former shadow defence secretary "absolutely knew what he was doing", fifty years after the divisive Rivers of Blood speech.

Fifty years ago, Enroch Powell was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet after making a controversial speech which divided the country.

Sir Anthony Sheldon told Nigel Farage that had he made his point in a lesser motive way "he might have drawn attention to it in a more reasonable way" that would have made a conversation about immigration numbers easier with "decent people" of all party's.

"But he didn't do that," he said.

"You could say that he caused damage not just to his own career but to the case that he was making.

"He certainly inflamed the issue and I think the fact he shows no contrition afterwards did further damage to his cause.

"It is highly important for politicians to be temperate in the points they are making.

"The public deserve and need politicians to be reasoned with them."